Signs that You Are An Introvert

You think you know who is an introvert and who isn’t? Or do you suspect that you yourself are an introvert? If you are introverted, it’s not impossible if you want to have a date, right? You can visit our introvert dating site right now.


Here are some signs that you (or someone you know) is an introvert:

1. Being around a lot of people consumes your energy

Have you ever felt tired after spending time with many people? After a day of interacting with other people, do you often need to withdraw to a quiet place and have a long time for yourself? One of the main characteristics of this type of personality is that introverts must release energy in social situations, in contrast to extroverts who get energy from similar interactions.

Not that all introverts avoid all social events.

Many introverts enjoy spending time with others, with one key requirement: introverts tend to prefer being with close friends. While extroverts go to a party with the aim of meeting new people, an introvert aims to spend quality time, talking with good friends.

2. You enjoy loneliness

As an introvert, the fun time for you is a quiet afternoon where you can enjoy your hobbies and interests alone.

A few hours alone with a good book, peaceful walks in nature, or your favorite TV program is a great way to restore your strength and make you feel refreshed.

This does not mean that all introverts always want to be alone. Many introverts like to spend time with friends and interact with people who are familiar with social situations. The important point to remember is that after doing some social activities, an introvert will want to withdraw to a quiet place to reflect on himself, think, and recharge his energy.

If spending a few hours alone sounds like a fun time, you might be an introvert.