Activate your social media accounts for boosting your site’s SEO rank

I use the word “turn on” because you really have to live. The point is not to use a tool that automatically sends RSS like Twitterfeed. There are many benefits that you can get active on social media. On the other hand, if you require an assistant of a reliable SEO consultant, you can visit and hire the experienced one to help your online business.

First. Links that are popular on social media will increase your ranking on Google.

Based on the experiments conducted by Moz, social sharing will accelerate the process of indexing and nofollow links will increase rankings.

Second. Google collaborated with Twitter, this time Google was able to read the authority of an account and tweet.

This means that your website might get positive SEO benefits from tweets that became popular on Twitter. (Although there is no confirmation from both parties)

Third. Social media is a huge source of traffic.

For websites that have successfully built a reputation on social media, they will get many visitors from there.

Fourth. Google+ will affect personal (private results) search results.

That is if I give +1 to page A. This will affect the search results of people who follow me on Google+.

Page A will get a high ranking for keywords that are relevant to those people.

Fifth. Finally, social media is the best place to build your reputation and establish relationships with influencers.