The bright sides of playing music

For those of you who can play musical instruments will certainly get far more benefits than those who only listen to music. Even by being a music player also automation will listen to music played by himself. Apart from that, check out the cute and affordable piano music box if you want to give a present to a music lover.


These are the benefit of playing music that can be obtained:

Maintain heart health. The study results in Holland found that playing music for about 2 hours a day helps lower blood pressure, as well as our heart rate. Experts advise heart patients to play music because it will reduce blood and cardiovascular pressure in the heart.

Eliminating stress The results of research conducted at Loma Linda Scholl of medice found that the sound of music affects the decline in stress levels at the genomic stage. For those of you who can play music, can make this as a means of refreshing to dilute the fatigue in the head.

Attract the attention of the opposite sex. This research was conducted in Israel involving 50 women as participants. They claim that men who are good at playing musical instruments will be more attractive than men who cannot. This study shows that the ability to play music can affect the impression of masculinity in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Improve brain intelligence. Dr. Gordon Show revealed that playing music can balance our right and left the brain. The reason is that when playing music can activate both sides of our brain simultaneously. This condition will have a positive impact on music players who will help him get work performance and study in his environment.

Train concentration power. Playing music requires us to concentrate on reading each note and then aligning it with the coordination of hands, feet and other body parts used to play music. This work allows our brain to be trained in concentration power because if organizing the wrong body movements will not produce a musical tone that is pleasant to hear.