Some tricky questions will be asked by a job interviewer

Most people will certainly answer a more comfortable work atmosphere and high salary. Don’t be fooled! This question is an attempt to find real motivation. Every company wants loyal workers. Therefore, make sure the answers given are not trivial answers such as salary increases. Especially if it comes to expressing discomfort in the previous company. A new company will certainly judge you as a person who does not want to work hard. Apart from that, visit by the time you need to search for a place to work online.

We recommend answering this question for positive reasons. For example, because you want to contribute more to channeling talent. Or more because the position applied is in accordance with the educational background. Make sure that the reasons join more because of constructive motivation.

In addition, it is quite natural that every company wants the best prospective employees. Therefore, companies usually want to know the achievements of the past. So that the company can measure the level of success if the company decides to employ you.

To answer this question, explain well every job that has been completed by the previous company. Give examples of success that have been achieved before. Prove that you deserve to be accepted into a dream company.