Recognize Some of the Web Hosting Technologies You Can Use

When you use the internet for various activities, especially websites and so on, it will be very important for you to use web hosting. One web hosting that you can choose is With good web hosting, you can handle various problems on your website.

In a web hosting, there are several technologies that you must recognize. Some of the technologies that you can use are

1. SSD Storage
This is a problem of Solid State Disc which is a development of physical storage media that no longer uses rotating disks as a medium to store data. But using a high-capacity memory chipset and guaranteed to be more resistant to redundancy.

2. Cloud hosting server
This is a service that is connected to many servers with the aim of increasing security against website access on each server in question. The way it works is to do an HTTP request to a web browser.

3. Content Delivery Network Technologies
This is hosting technology that provides access to static files from a public network.