A couple of good tips you need for learning Arabics

Next we summarize the tips that we consider necessary to be applied so that novice students can reach the ease of learning this great language. In the meantime, you may also need to check out www.arabic.world/learn-arabic-online to find a good course for learning Arabics.

Sincere intention

Really, sincere intentions are like lights. The more sincere a person intends to become more enlightened in his heart and steps and God makes it easier to slowly progress. Sincere intention in learning Arabic is to make it easier for a Muslim to learn the religion of Allah because the syariah texts contained in Arabic and also learning Arabic are part of religion.

Studying Nahwu and Sharaf Sciences

Nahwu and Sharaf knowledge is among the biggest wasilah that will bridge you in understanding Arabic texts both Al-Qur’an, hadith and the works of the scholars. Of course this is a must for beginners to understand these two sciences because texts or texts will not be well understood without this knowledge.

If anyone asks, which abilities must be learned first, is the ability to speak or simply learn nahwu and sharaf? Or similar questions, which is more important, is it enough to understand the Arabic text or the ability to speak Arabic?